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The Invisible Fund invests in people and places. 100% of your investment in the Invisible Fund goes to supporting survivors of the invisible. Help a veteran receive a life changing service dog. Help a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault receive the treatment they need to heal. Help a survivor of a traumatic brain injury or PTSD rebuild their life through access to rehabilitation services. And so much more! 

We believe through the power of small monetary investments from everyday people we can make a BIG impact in the lives of survivors. With your investment into the Invisible Fund we will select organizations from across the United States that help survivors access the services they need to heal and rebuild their life. Let's show them that they are not alone! There is a group of kind creative colorists cheering them on. Together we can end the stigma and save lives. 

Our goal is to make a monetary contribution four times a year to different organizations across the United States. Eventually we may be able to expand this to an international effort. Sky is the limit!